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English For You!
We empower our students to improve their lives by teaching them English in a fast and effective way.  Our method has a proven track record of success!  At English For You, we help our students conquer their fears of speaking and having conversations in English.  The teachers correct pronunciation and structure, keep track of individual progress day by day, give personalized attention to each student and help students to correctly speak English in the quickest time possible.  Our classes are small and conversational, giving all students the opportunity to speak more while also having more personalized attention from the teachers.  We also offer courses in Spanish. At English For Yousuccess really is in your hands!

Why the name English For You?
Because we are here to help you achieve success!
  • Method:    Intimate classes,  only English spoken in class, individualized  attention,   correction of all mistakes during class,  teachers assist each student to understand, students are permitted to practice at the school whenever the school is open, we teach students to speak and think in English - not just translate
  • ​Professionalism:    We have an excellent staff of trained, energetic and knowledgeable teachers.  All of the teachers at the  school  have a love  and  passion  for  teaching and work diligently to help students  learn  English in the most effective way and in the least  amount of  time as possible.
  • Location:  The school is located on the corner of Coit and freeway 635. We are centrally located and easily accessible to all locations in the metroplex.
  • Hours:  Flexible hours of operation from Monday through Sunday  so  that  students  are  able  to  schedule  classes between work hours and other activities.  
  • Cost of the Course:  Includes 30 hours of class during  each four week session.    Includes books and materials. Students are permitted  to come to  the school  for extra practice.  You do not have to pay a registration fee. Positive results are guaranteed.  
  • Corporate Customers:   We offer customizable courses in both English and Spanish to small and large businesses. We even have teachers available to come to your locations.